Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water damage on the wall

Wall Water Damage

Emergency Remediation

This local business had severe water damage throughout their property. The walls had water damage marks everywhere. Only our team at SERVPRO of Northwest Seattle would know exactly what to do to clean and restore this wall. We went through a thorough inspection to decide what needed to be disposed of and removed. 

Drying under damage carpet

Drying Under Carpet

Drying Water Damage

Our team at SERVPRO of Northwest Seattle always assesses the damage before deciding the exact steps to take in restoration. This home needed under the carpets dried after water damage. The carpet was lifted so an air mover could dry the affected area. We made sure the area was completely dried before placing the carpet back.

standing water in business

Standing Water

This business in the Seattle area found standing water when they came into work. Our team at SERVPRO of Seattle Northwest was called in to remove the water and assess the damage before restoration and repair. 

Team member extracting water.

Water Extraction from Seattle Home

Our SERVPRO of Seattle Northwest is working hard to extract all the water from the carpets in this Seattle home. When it comes to water removal and mitigation, you can always count on our SERVPRO of team!

Wet flooring underneath carpet & carpet pad.

Wet Flooring Underneath Carpet & Carpet Pad

This is what water damage can look like underneath the affected carpet and carpet pad. If not taken care of, it can result in a mold infestation. When your home or business in Seatte suffers from water damage, don't hesitate and give our SERVPRO of Seattle Northwest team a call today!

Drying equipment on floor and flood cuts in walls of hallway.

Damage After Seattle Home Flooded

This Seattle home flooded recently. Though the damage was extensive and it was no doubt a stressful and inconvenient event for the homeowners, our team was quickly on-site and working to ensure the damage was taken care of!

Drying equipment under carpet.

Drying Under Carpet

Our SERVPRO of Seattle Northwest recently responded to a home in Seattle, WA, that had suffered from a water leak. Our crew quickly began the drying process to ensure the damage was properly taken care of as quickly as possible!

Floor mats in action.

Floor Mats In Action For Efficient Drying

Our SERVPRO of Seattle Northwest team frequently uses these floormats to dry flooring affected by water damage. Our crew strategically places the drying equipment to ensure the most efficient drying process properly. In need of water damage cleanup and restoration services in Seattle? Give us a call today - (206) 789-2300.

Drying equipment on floor.

Flood Damage in Seattle

This home in the Seattle, WA, area suffered from flooding that caused extensive damage throughout the home. SERVPRO of Seattle Northwest is always here to help if your home or business suffers from water damage.

Water damaged walling.

Leading Water Cleanup Professionals

Our SERVPRO of Seattle Northwest team can get your home in Seattle back up and running after a water damage event. Are you in need of water cleanup services? Give us a call today - (206) 789-2300.

Carpet ripped up and wet floors.

Wet Flooring Under Carpet

Can you see the wet flooring? Once our crew ripped up the carpet, the water damage to the floor beneath was visible. Our SERVPRO of Seattle Northwest team is the leader in water damage cleanup and restoration in the Seattle, WA, area.

Team member setting up drying equipment.

Setting Up The Drying Equipment

Our SERVPRO of Seattle Northwest team is currently in the process of setting up the drying equipment in a home in Seattle, WA that had suffered from a leak. We use powerful water pumps to properly and quickly dry your property after a loss.

Drying equipment drying wall.

Water Removal & Cleanup in Seattle

Our SERVPRO of Seattle Northwest is the local leader in water damage cleanup and restoration in the Seattle, WA, area. If your home or business suffers from water damage, our highly trained and experienced technicians are only one call away!

Wet carpet in bathroom.

Water Cleanup in Seattle, WA

SERVPRO of Seattle Northwest is highly trained and experienced in water damage cleanup and restoration. Our crew understands how stressful a water loss can be and our crew is dedicated to being by your side from start to finish.

Drying equipment on top of and under a carpet.

Essential Water Cleanup Services

If your home or business in Seattle, WA suffers from a water damage event, remember that SERVPRO of Seattle Northwest is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your water cleanup needs.

Drying equipment in an empty room.

Water Damage Tips

The drying equipment is up and running in this Seattle, WA home that suffered from extensive water damage. 

Please take a second to review our Water Damage Tips to see what you can do until SERVPRO help arrives.

kitchen with stainless steel appliances and one green and blue air movers on the floor.

Cleaned Up

Here we have a customers kitchen undergoing water damage restoration services. Our water damage restoration techniques are fool proof. SERVPRO of Seattle Northwest will have your home cleaned up in no time! (206) 789-2300

two green air movers on the wood floor.

Immediate Action

In may cleaning and restoration situations immediate action is required. With over 1,700 U.S. & Canada Franchises, SERVPRO is strategically positioned to be faster to any size emergency. Don't hesitate to give our crew a call when you're facing water damage

Bathroom with a green air mover in front of the bathtub.

Bathroom Gone Wrong

The more time you wait to call the professionals the more damage you will accumulate. Restoration time and cost increase dramatically the longer the wait time is. Replacing contaminated materials and structural rebuilding may be extensive. 

Brown boxes on a grey wood floor.

Quick is our game

SERVPRO of Seattle Northwest's restoration experts always arrive quickly and begin our restoration methods almost immediately. Water quickly spreads throughout your property & being absorbed into floors, ceilings, walls, and furniture so timing is important.

Our Helpful Sidekicks

When it comes to water damage restoration, every tool and piece of equipment has a purpose. These air movers help us get the job done quickly, so you can get back to work! Give us a call today! (206) 789-2300

a white wall with blue carpet and the baseboard removed

Drywall Saved

Unfortunately, the floor boards and flooring were not able to be salvaged in this instance. But we were able to get on scene in time to save the drywall! Water restoration is our most common service performed. 

Structural Drying Equipment

Restaurant water leaks are such a pain to you and your business. We had this restaurant back to normal service hours within a few days. No commercial restoration is too big for SERVPRO of Seattle Northwest. 

Basement Flooding

In any circumstance, water damage devastates a home. Thats why we offer a variety of services including restoration of your belongings and your property. No matter how small or large your water loss is, SERVPRO is ready to help you today! 


Laundry Room Leak

Washer leaks happen more often than you would think. It is super important to have your washer serviced regularly to prevent such loss. Nevertheless, SERVPRO of Seattle Northwest is here to help! We're "Faster to any size disaster." 

Restoration Made Easy!

Click the link below for tips on water damage! Damage to your home can be overwhelming, that's why you should always call the professionals when disaster strikes. 


We Remove your Floors for you!

If your tile is destroyed due to water damage; SERVPRO of Seattle Northwest will remove the water and your floors! 

Our goal is to help make this process as easy as it can be for you & your family! 

Dining Floor Remodel

Remodeling due to a water leak isn't fun at all. Let SERVPRO of Seattle Northwest clean up the leak for you. In the meantime you can go pick out new flooring for your home!

The Heart of your Home

Having damage in your Kitchen is a huge pain. No one wants to wait long to have the main room in their home restored! Call SERVPRO of Seattle Northwest! We are "Faster to any size disaster." 

Water is Hiding in your Home

Don't fret! SERVPRO of Seattle Northwest has moisture meter technology that prevents excessive damage from being done to your home. If we find it before its a huge problem it saves you time and money! 

Moisture Meter

Do you have a foul odor in your home? You may have hidden water damage and/or mold! Our high tech thermal imaging tool and moisture meter help us find the hidden mess in your home! 

Call Us Today! (206) 789-2300

Water Leaking into the Insulation

This Local home was suffering water loss through a wall in their garage. SERVPRO was there to help with the trained technicians who located the source of the leak and began repairing the wall. If your home or business has water damage call the professionals at SERVPRO of Seattle Northwest. (260) 789-2300    

Utility Room Water Damage

The washer in this Seattle home caused a water loss in the utility room. SERVPRO of Seattle Northwest responded to extract the standing water and removed baseboards to ensure the drying process was effective and efficient. 

Drying Equipment for Residential Water Loss

Our state of the art drying equipment can handle any size water loss. Whether your loss is from a pipe leak or a natural disaster, SERVPRO of Seattle Northwest is here to help and always ready for your call. 

Placing Drying Equipment After Water Loss

This Seattle home had a toilet overflow which left their bathroom and the bordering room flooded with standing water. SERVPRO of Seattle Northwest extracted the water and began placing drying equipment to speed up the evaporation.

Bathroom Pipe Break

This bathroom in Seattle, WA suffered a water loss after a pipe break. SERVPRO assessed the damage and began removing the wet contents and placing specialize drying equipment. After the drying process, the restoration and replacing of sheetrock can begin.

Check Under Sinks for Leaks and Mold Growth

Check under sinks regularly for leaks and mold growth. This is one of the notorious places for both types of damage. This homeowner found a leak under the sink and called SERVPRO of Seattle Northwest. 

Flood cuts in wall.

Pipe Leak Causing Water Damage

A pipe leaked in this Seattle homeowners bathroom causing water damage. SERVPRO of Seattle Northwest removed the damaged materials before mold growth could occur. Drying equipment was placed and before you know it the bathroom looked "Like it never even happened."